New Tarptent

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The Sublite tyvek model uses "clothing grade" tyvek. Tyvek is very water resistant and highly breathable. It can also be easily repaired in the field with even Elmer's glue, if needed.

Sublite tyvek models weigh 17.5 ounces total, including 4 stakes, stuff sacks and guy lines! Tyvek models are ideal for sub-alpine environs such as the Sierras or for desert or summer camping.

All Sublite models are set up using dual trekking poles, or the sewn in clip point at the apex in order to suspend it from overhead trees or branches. You can even string a line between two trees for set up if you wish. 135 cm pole length is optimal.

All Sublites have sewn in floors that can be clipped up for better rainproofing or lowered for better air flow and more interior floor space.

All Sublites have 20 square feet of floor space, are 26"in front, 42" wide and narrow to 24" in the rear. They are 86" long and have a peak height of 42".

Sublite Tyvek Model will be available for purchase in June of 2008, with a retail price of $179.00...cute kid not included.

The Sublite Tyvek Model is a highly specialized tent and is not for everyone...but that's OK...Henry is making a Silnylon version that only weights ONE OUNCE MORE!