New Tarptent

Small Title

The Bigfoot External Frame Pack.

Built on an old Jansport D-3 frame, using a home-made G-4 pack bag. Pack bag is attached by looping shoulder straps over frame and cinching the hip belt  to the frame.

The Jansport's bag-bar shelf and lower frame tube have been removed. 5 inches were sawed off of the frame just under the hip belts "wings". There is still plenty of room to lash on gear below the pack bag.

The pack bag is removable and can be used as a day pack or thrown into the tent in bad weather, leaving just the frame outside.

Total weight is 3.3 lbs. (11 ounces for the pack bag, 2.8 lbs for the frame). Comfortably carries heavier loads and bulky winter gear.